Why March for Veterans

Isolation affects older people across the UK. For those veterans living with the challenges of sight loss, this can have an even greater impact.

It’s a sad fact that many of the blind veterans we support suffer from social isolation.

​​It happens as we get older and our families leave us, and partners pass away. For people with sight loss, that isolation is all the more painful to bear.

​​It’s not just about losing other people though, it’s also about being isolated inside yourself when you are unable to carry out tasks such as going to the shops or even pick up a phone to speak to a friendly voice. For those who can’t see, it often leads to losing your self-belief, and – even worse – your sense of belonging.

​​That’s why we need your support now.

​​Blind Veterans UK are specialists in helping our isolated veterans but most importantly, we’re also people like you who understand and care. We give those who have served our country support that ranges from rehabilitation and training to practical advice, and vital emotional support.

​​We’re here for them, and now we need you to be here for us. We’re supporting more veterans than we ever have before in our long history, but there are tens of thousands out there who are alone and don’t know we exist for them.

​​Together we can help rebuild blind veterans’ lives after sight loss. Away from isolation. Towards a life of fulfilment.

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Stay connected with us

We believe in communities. The ones we live in, the ones we join through sharing common interests and the ones we participate in online that make staying in touch that little bit easier. You can join our online community to stay connected with us, those we help and those who help us in offering support by joining one of our Facebook groups.

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How Blind Veterans UK helps

Blind Veterans UK was founded to support the 3,000 veterans blinded by the First World War. Today we support 4,700 ex-servicemen and women and aim to reach another 50,000 who are eligible for our help. The money you raise will allow us out to reach out to them with urgently needed support, including:
  • Helping blind veterans adapt and learn vital skills they need to face the world without their sight
  • Tools and technology allowing blind veterans need to be independent in their own homes
  • Trained volunteers to visit bind veterans in their homes providing social interaction and help with daily tasks and outings
  • Organising social events in our blind veterans’ local communities, helping with transport where needed
  • Respite breaks for blind veterans and their carers at our two centres in Brighton, England and Llandudno, Wales
  • Grants and financial assistance for essential adaptations of homes
  • Connecting blind veterans with services locally available to them
  • Helping blind veterans pursue their personal interests and hobbies with support from our specialist staff.
An image showing in the last two years we have delivered 1,246 home visits providing veterans with training and rehabilitation and an image showing that we have helped 4,700 blind veterans

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