Make fundraising easy

Shout and share

Sharing your fundraising page online along with photos of your March for Veterans is hands down the easiest way for you to raise money and awareness. Here are some of the basics to remember when sharing:
  • Use the #MarchForVeterans and #BlindVeteransUK hashtags
  • Tag your friends if you are walking with them
  • Try posting a swealfie (sweaty selfie!)
  • Use some inspiring facts from our Why March for Veterans page to show the impact donations can have
  • Set yourself a target, those who do raise more
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Top fundraising tips

Here are some of our top fundraising tips, to help you get started:

Shout about your event - keep all your friends, colleagues and family updated with progress on your challenge via social media to keep them engaged and so they are aware how much hard work you are doing. Make sure you share your online giving page on payday as well!

Bake Sale - this might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprisedhow much you raise from a simple bake sale! Why not offer everyone in your office a brownie in exchange for donating to your online giving page?

Sweepstake - whether it be tennis or the Grand National, everyone loves a sweepstake. You can do this in your office or with friends and family.

Tuck Shop - Everyone loves a sneaky treat, making a tuck shop an easy money-maker. You can usually get sweets, fruit and other snacks at a discount if you buy them in bulk.

Have a clear out - spend one Sunday afternoon clearing out your cupboards and either take part in a boot sale or sell unwanted things online. A great way to have a clear out and raise cash!

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Fundraising guide

Maximise on your donations

  • Set a fundraising target and update your fundraising page with activity regularly.
  • Check if your company does match funding on your donations. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
  • You can also raise money off line and send in. Take a look at our FAQs on how to do this.
  • See our FAQ on how you can claim an extra 25% on all your donations by claiming Gift Aid

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